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Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. ;w; You drew the characters so wonderfully, and the background looks so nice. (And, I really love your...

by Fyrae

Hmm. This is a good character. Sonic O.C, right? This is a very good piece of art. I absolutely despise Sonic, but I have my own O.C to...

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Navanti ref sheet
I changed the name of the SAO species.
They are now called Navanti.
This was a quick school drawing and as soon as I'm able, I will digitally remake it.
Navanti are a fox/cat hybrid. 
They stand in a digitigrade type pose.
Males and females are easily distinguished by their wings and body structure. Males are slightly less thin than females, females have the body structure of the Navanti seen above.
Their wings are bigger if they are female.
Males have smaller wings, and are worse at flying.
Up to 3 tails.
Any stripes and markings on their body are completely up to you. Be mindful that Navanti love to be pretty and beautiful.
(Disregard the markings above, they are for example.)
No pupils. Those are EXTREMELY rare. You can note me about that if you wanna make one.
Magic is possible with Navanti, but only in adults. They can use any kind. As long as they have the mark of magic on their forehead.
Adults stand at 5'05" fully grown. Teens are about a foot shorter than adults, usually at 4"07. Children are two feet tall.
They can be any color. They all have wings.
If one doesn't grow wings, they are considered freaks.
Note me before making one please. 
Only make one if you note me.
This is an original species, do not steal.
Im not gonna be drawing for a while, because at the moment the we've been told we have to move by next week. I'm serious this time. If I get spare time I'll put off everything and try to finish something I may owe to any of you.
I know for sure I owe :iconvampexx: and :iconsirjellyraptor: an art trade and some gift art.
I'm really trying, ok? 
I just think I should help my parents clean this mess of a house.
I'll try and update you all, please understand.
I got really lucky today. A Sword art online movie was in theatres, but only for one day.
I got to see it!
It was really good my gOD
Apparently, Breath of the Wild works better on WiiU.
Tagged back by: :iconhirotheziro:

1. Answer all questions.
2. Tag at least five people when you're done.
3. Replace these questions with different ones.
3. Ignore any and all numerical inconsistencies.
5. Tag backs are allowed. I guess.

1. Is there anything you are currently hyped for?

2. Do you like Star Wars? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a Star Wars nerd are you?
Well, I love Star Wars. It's great. But I'm about a 4. :')

3. Do you watch TVFilthyFrank?
"Ravioli ravioli, what's in the pocketoli"

4. Have you ever listened to any Pink Season songs? I for one have listened to the entire album... Yeah... I had too much time on my hands.
No, never heard of them.

5. Out of all your O.C's, Which one do you think is the most developed in terms of traits, personality, and character?
Kitty Kat.

6. Which one of my O.C's do like the most? 
I like Kleo, even though there have only been two pictures of him. 

7. Which one of my O.C's would you like to see more drawings of?
Kleo. He needs some more love, Mang.
8. Are you in to the succ? 
9. What's your favorite Pokemon?

10. What's your favorite movie?
That would be Zootopia.

11. What type of music do you listen to? 
Electronic, edm, Dubstep, etc.

12. How long have you been drawing?
Six years.

13. When/if you go to college, do you plan to major in an Art/Design-related field? That's what I'm doing!
Hell yeah fam!

14. What's your favorite and least favorite thing about drawing?
Favorite: It's so fun to actually put something you created onto a paper! Or a screen! Or a piece of toast!

15. Finally, What criticisms/critiques do you have for my art/OC's/style?
Hmm. I'm not really sure. I don't see anything wrong with your anatomy or your shading Or your style!
But if I find anything I'll update this. .P.

My questions:
1: Did you know I am inVINCIBLE
2: Did you know I have no idea what to ask?
3: If I did get a Nintendo Switch, and started doing playthroughs, would you watch?
4: *high five*
5: Favorite art program?
6: If you played Sonic 06', was it really that bad?
7: What's your main fandom?
8: Favorite milkshake flavor?
9: If I wrote you a letter, would you write back? :')
10: Do you think the Switch will have a good Pokemon game?
11: Do you own a 3ds? (I know some of you do, but I'm running out of questions)
13: Do you even meme bro?
14: Are you gonna tag me back?
15: I'm gonna cri if you do. :'^)

I will tag:
  • Listening to: Heir of grief
  • Reading: Words
  • Watching: Homestuck garbage
  • Playing: Colors!3d
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Air


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